Like I don't have enough to do

I've decided to convert a Firestorm tank. There are a lot of people in the Ottawa area with flyers and I'm in need of something I can put on the battlefield that will take them out of commission. After getting pulverized by Bill's Hell Talon I've decided that I need something to hit back with. I'm not extremely crazy about the Forgeworld model because I like a lower, sleeker profile on the top of the Eldar Grav tanks, so I'm busy working on a conversion with four long-barreled Scatter Lasers and a Vyper that I'm taking apart to use as the turret. I've got a nice, sleek-looking turret that I think will look pretty good on the table and I can't wait to field it. I'm just waiting for some of the glue to dry and then we'll see what we can do about photos.

Meanwhile, if you live in the Ottawa area and you field a Flying machine in your army, I'm gonna be ready for you, you bastard.


Bill said...

This bastard takes note.

Baast said...

I love that you knew I was talking about you.