All My Base Is Belong To Drywall Compound

When the Craftworld Donn'Alaich Sian was seen again by the eyes of its lost family, it was not the home they once knew. The halls, the shrines, the homes and chambers stayed still under a veneer of dust and sand. Most sobering of all, the remaining jetsam and flotsam of the battle which forced these Eldar to abandon their birthplace; broken Wraithbone, violated by drunken patterns bolter fire, rusty with dry blood lay scattered on the tiled floors. In the short hours before the arrival of the Black Seer and his corrupted vassals, the silent witches and warriors of Donn'Alaich Sian wandered through the dark corridors, heads unhelmeted, hearts cold in their chests. Each silently meditated on how these might once have been the environs of a mighty, unbroken Eldar civilization... peaceful and prosperous. Now, the skeletal remains and untouched clutter of warfare which robbed House Donn'Alaich Sian of their destiny were all that remained.

In the few hours before the arrival of the Black Seer, there were bitter tears of grief for a history that never had a chance to unravel.

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Large bases, drywall compound, scattered bits. If you follow my work then you'll know that there's paint and sand coming soon. I love seeing things come into their own from humble, sloppy beginnings into lush, interesting terrain. I'm seeing some great stuff ahead for this kind of thing. I think it's gonna rock.

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