Not Suitable For All Viewers

Just a warning: This post includes scenes which include brutal violence being enacted upon a large chunk of resin. Reader discretion is advised.

I'll get right to the point: I have put my Scorpion II tank in a bucket of Simple Green. It's been in there for roughly a day, and there are photos below to show you how it looks.

It bears noting that I have not scrubbed or otherwise messed with the paint at all. It's just falling off on its own. I have to say that Simple Green is, by far, my favorite way to strip paint. Not only is it environmentally friendly (no harmful fumes or corrosives like nail polish remover or Easy Off), but it also does a fantastic job of getting the model clean. The smell isn't harmful and it won't make you ill like the smell of primer (for instance) would... but it does kind of stink so make sure you can cover whatever container you put the stuff in.

Why would I do such a horrible thing to an innocent vehicle? Simple. I want to do it in Wraithbone and blue instead of red and white. Wish me luck.

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