To Fin Or Not To Fin

What you see below are four bits which I will refer to as "fins".

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Three of them are from the Epic-scale Revenant Titan, and one is the bitz-ordered head from a Wraithguard model. You can probably figure out which is which.

I had this kind of ridiculous idea, but it could end up being cool as hell. If you look at this pic then you'll see the fin stick out of the back (it looks like a bunch of hockey sticks). I think it'd be cool to take it off the titan and stick it onto something else, like a War Walker or Wraithlord. There's no doubt in my mind that they'd look amazing if I do, but then I am left with two finless titans... and that seems kind of stupid. It's either steal it or cast it in Green Stuff... because you can't bitz order these pieces. That's the problem. No bitz-ordering Epic-scale stuff.

I don't like the thought of casting, but I'm willing to listen.

I then realized that maybe I could convert the leftover Revenants into Warlocks or Farseers with the heads from the Wraithgard (I have two).

Please... gimme your thoughts!

1 comment:

J Louis said...

Actually, there was a WD battle report
that featured an Ulthwe Strike Force
that had War Walkers converted in just
such a fashion, and it looked pretty
sweet. I think the Wraithlord was, too. Can't remember the number, only
that it was sweet.