An Insight Into What It's Like To Be Me

Tonight I was trying to organize my life and get some order in my immediate living space. Right now it's a tornado of pink foam and bits of grey plastic sprue and chopped up plasticard. I really need some order here, so I analyzed where things were at and and decided that I needed to consolidate my space so that there's a work area and a non-work area. By "work" I mean painting space dollies.

Ok, so just to ensure that I'm clear: I need a work area and a non-work area.

So to get a good work area it means putting things in order so that there's less garbage around. I got the garbage can out and put bits of foam and plasticard in the bucket. I managed to get part way through that and then I realized I had to parse what was garbage and what wasn't in the massive pile of plastic and pewter.

So this led to me making piles of stuff based on its function; tools vs. models vs. garbage and, well, you get the idea.

Ok, fast forward far enough to see me at 5:55 AM sorting tiny little swords into three piles: Eldar, Wood Elf, and non-Eldar-Wood-Elf. I've been doing it for about 45 minues now and, when I'm done, I'll be moving on to making a pile of Eldar tank bits which need a canopy and Eldar tank bits which don't. I expect this will take me to lunch.

If any of you cared about me, you'd just kill me.

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