What Was I Thinking? pt. II

I couldn't face making more grooves on a giant piece of flat pink foam, so I decided to turn my thoughts towards terrain.

I couldn't face making Aspect shrines. Not tonight. So I decided that making Soul shrines was the best way to go. See, I intend to use them just as terrain; blocking line of sight and providing for a more interesting table. I'll likely make these out of foamcore, though I haven't really decided yet.

I thought I might just pull out the old xacto blade and start slicing. Well, when I considered how precise the pretty patterns on the shrines in the picture are, I realized that was a bad idea. So I thought I'd need to have to come up with some sort of pre-planned measurments. Then I realized that just having a few notches marked off on the ruler wasn't good enough. I realized I'd have to make a template of some kind. I got some thin plasticard, my gigantic aluminum T square (which was way too big for this job) and started making some lines. Then I had to start cutting...

Well... here's what I ended up with.

Do I have Soul shrines now? Oh, mais non. As is my tradition, I have everything but the actual thing I wanted to make.

We'll see how this goes.

I couldn't just leave it sitting there. I had to know how it was going to turn out.

I pulled out a chunk of pink foam and went to work on it. Here's what I came up with:

Hey, you know... that didn't turn out too bad after all!

I used the xacto blade and the hot wire cutter thing. Close inspection will show you that it's not perfect, of course, but the truth is that it's actually darn good and closer than I thought it'd be. Definitely close enough to live with... and I'll start making a whole bunch more ASAP!

This is fun!

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Jay MG said...

I love this template, very ancient and mysterious.