Spirit Stones

Ever have one of those ideas that has to be done RIGHT NOW OR YOU'LL LOSE IT FOREVER? Well, I had one of those tonight. I was thinking about how Farseers cast Spirit Stones on the ground to forsee the future; they toss the baubles on the floor and then something mystical happens.

Then I thought "Man, what if Spirit Stones could be an objective?", so I made six markers that will go well with my upcoming table (thatineverworkonanymoreshh); three based on the tile motif, three based on sand.

And there you have it.


Spanky_100 said...

Great idea!

Some cracks in the tile, and perhaps moss growing the cracks might looks cool.

Not sure if that makes sense fluff wise. Are Eldar considered clean freaks?

AbuShaitahn said...

I love that idea! Great job!

And I'm so glad I'm not the only one this happens to... (painting ADD).

Quint'Aan said...

I've never heard of Farseers casting spirit stones on the ground to fortell. I have read of them using runes and in one fluff piece the runes floated psychically (psionically?) in front of the farseer, their identitiy and motion indicating the course of events.

Now that said, your objective counters are wicked cool and still usable by far.