Bleachier. Bonier.

There are three things I don't do. I don't force people to look at photos of my children. I don't force people to read my poetry. I don't force people to give me positive feedback every time I put a brush to a model. This update is one of those that has so gradually progressed from the last update that I'm not even sure if you'll be able to tell a difference at first glance (or second or third). I don't expect that it'll hold a lot of thrills for many habitual Hammerblog readers.

That having been said, this is actually a huge jump from the last progress update. The basic Bleached Bone on the surface is done. I found this very exciting. I did a considerable amount of work on this part of the model and I really feel like I've gotten quite far ahead. The excitement faded, however, when I realized I still have to...
- Fix the Snakebite Leather in the recesses
- Paint the exhausts
- Paint the turret
- Paint the bottom
- Paint the driver
- Ink everything
- Make a Big Blue Stripe™
- Make tons of little yellow runes in The Big Blue Stripe™

Yeah, so obviously in climbing this mountain it's better to look down at how far I've come than up at how much mountain is left to scale. Still... I've got the drive to do it.

On the other hand, I'll be seeing my girlfriend next week, and that has a way of making a man forget about space toys...

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Johanna said...

lol well it is definately getting there, it will look so good when it is all done.