Hey, kids! I'm layering Bleached Bone onto the Mark II Scorpion tank, as you can see from the pic to the right. I can honestly tell you that I am seriously sick of Bleached Bone now, for the record. There's not much to report aside from: I'm painting. Yep. Extremely interesting, I'm sure.

The one change from the last time I painted this stupid thing is that I didn't put that tail thingie on (the part that covers the engine exhausts) so that I can actually paint the parts it covers before it goes on. Man, I'm a genius.

If you wanna get a sense of what it'll look like when it's done, look at the white & red photo I linked above. Now, instead of white & red, I'm going to do bone and blue with yellow runes (using these colors). Get it?

I think it'll be pretty. Let's wait and find out.


Sildani said...

I'm confused. The pic on this entry shows the Scorpion with no tail piece, and a bit of Leather on some of the rear armor panels. The pics of the Scorpion in the previous entry show the Scorpion with a whole lot more Leather, covering the right half of the hull.

Which pic came first?

And where the hell is the Cobra II? Not directed at you, at FW. Will Hayes needs to stop working on the Manta.

About ready to give my USF a spin, wish me luck. How successful were you at creating a smaller, yet workable USF list?

Quint'Aan said...

Looking sweet Corey!

Matthew said...

nice bone.......

I like the way it looks, I want to see more.