For Sildani

My friend Sildani from Warseer (and one of the people who uses that forum who doesn't need a punch in the cock) posted this: I'm confused. The pic on this entry shows the Scorpion with no tail piece, and a bit of Leather on some of the rear armor panels. The pics of the Scorpion in the previous entry show the Scorpion with a whole lot more Leather, covering the right half of the hull.

The tail piece was once glued to the body, but now it's off (as you can see). It came off after I soaked the tank in Simple Green for several weeks. And that's a good thing; it separated cleanly and without hassle. So the tail piece was glued on before, and now it's not.

The tank started out in a grey resin color, as you can see in the photo above. I then painted it white, as you saw in earlier pics. I then stripped the white off and then primed it white (you know, as I'm writing this, I'm realizing how stupid that sounds... but the first coat had a base of Space Wolves Grey under it, and the second was just straight white). Then, I washed very watered-down Snakebite Leather over the white, giving it that sandy look. After that, seeing as I have no life and nothing else worth doing, I then started adding Bleached Bone panels, leaving the Snakebite in the recesses and cracks.

I'll be doing the same thing on the Scorpion that I do with the Wraithlords/Wave Serpents you're seeing. Same kind of look. Does that clear it up?

Oh, and btw... this is something I was doing with the Pulsar cannons before I put it together. Just to test something. I forget what.

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