A Little Ink

This is the moment I wait for.

After painting all these little idiots in plain old boring Bleached Bone, I finally get to apply some ink and bring them to life.

Check out the "before" shots:

Pale and featureless, but then I whip up a little dose of this magic mix:

It's a mix of mostly water, a few drops of dish detergent, a few parts Brown Ink and a few drops of Flesh Wash. Though it looks very dark, it's really very light on the ink. Even so, I still live in fear that this will spill somehow.

I lay the Wraithguard on their back or side and slather it on:

I don't stand him up for this job because the ink tends to pool in the wrong places when the center of gravity is below him instead of behind him.

In the end, we have this (one completed Wraithguard mixed in there for comparison purposes):

Notice how much different (and better) they look than the pale whiteys you saw pictures of earlier? I still have the gun to paint and all the blue spots like the tabard and the "tattoos", not to mention the base... but I consider this to be the point where the Wraithguard "came to life".

1 comment:

Jay MG said...

It's always nice to get to that step that finaly rewards you with some results. Up 'till then it can be torturous painting plain layers. then you hit that step and you finaly see what you're working towards. This reward step then proceeds to trick you in to thinking painting is fun and you start painting more...it's a vicious vicious cycle :)