My Other Car Is A Falcon

Yesterday one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me transpired. I was at the local Games Workshop because I'd had a positively rotten day and needed to do something that would completely transport me away from my life for a while (so I painted the Scorpion, which I reported on earlier). It was dark when I left so I didn't notice until the next morning that someone had written on the back of my car, in the dirt:


I don't know who did it (though I have my suspicions), but it currently ranks as the awesomest thing anyone has done to me in a long, long time. I was laughing all morning (and yes, I left it there).


Jay MG said...

That's hilarious! It wasn't me, I'm not that funny.

Baast said...

Yeah, you are.

Tallarn42nd said...

Wow...you're Tempo is lasting a lot longer than mine ever did.

Keith Oelrich said...

Johnny... that's because your tempo didn't have a holofield or a spiritstone.