Yet One More Thing I'm Not Really Proud Of Myself For

So I have this Mason Jar in which I have some models soaking. I put them in nail polish remover a while ago and kind of forgot about them. How long ago, you ask? Well, let's see... today is Thursday, so... (checking watch) it'd be eight months ago.

Yeah, eight months ago I tossed some models in the nail polish remover and screwed the lid on tight. Then I forgot about them. In fact, I've even forgotten what's in there. I know there's at least two Sisters of Battle models. I think there's at least one or two Tau. I really don't know past that.

I sort of want to open it and see... and I sort of don't.

1 comment:

Jay MG said...

Ouch, slow disolving torture for the pore sisters. The Tau? They Deserve it! :)