The Dichotomy

Ever wonder how something can be both the best and the worst paint job you've ever seen at the same time?

Great work, but it looks like he based it on this.


Grendel said...

Not sure if I like it or hate it.
Except for the amount of time it must have taken. I really don't see anything exceptional about it. Take for instance this one done by the "The Yellow One". In either case, I personally have to little time or talent to do such fabulous work. By the check out the rest of Yellow One's work on Cool Mini or Not. It is very creative stuff. Especially, the Wave Serpent and Nightwing.

Baast said...

Did you just tell me to check out Yellow One's work? My friend... Yellow One's painting is what I look at instead porn. He's my favorite. It's the most Eldar-y painting I've ever seen. All of his painting blows my mind, especially his Fire Prism.

Dominic said...

Yeah thats a pretty damned awful colour scheme, but a very neat paint job. Shame really. But that Yellow one on CMON!!!!!!! Man, I almost made a mess of myself when I saw that baby!! people who can paint like that should be working for GW and making the world a better place!

Grendel said...

Yes, Yellow is truly amazing. In all the years I have painted Miniatures and play 4Ok (16 to be exact). I have never seen anyone capture the feel of the Eldar so well as Yellow. I was pretty sure that you had seen his work, but thought I should throw it out there.