Rumor Roundup Updated

I'm only going to do this the once because I don't feel like turning my blog into the Eldar gossip sheet. Nevertheless, I've updated my post about Eldar rumors.

BTW, here are some pics that you might be interested in if you haven't already seen them:
War Walkers
Howling Banshees
Fire Dragons
Dire Avengers (blurry)
Howling Banshee (unpainted)
Dire Avenger Exarch
Fire Dragon (unpainted)
Dire Avenger squad

1 comment:

Grendel said...

Deimhinn Sinn,
Thanks for the information and pictures. It was good to see some new stuff for the Eldar. I have
always found it humorous that the “first” and “ most widespread of the Aspects – Dire Avengers” were mysteriously absent from all the battlefields (must have been target practicing somewhere).
It seems by your post that GW is trying to remedy this problem somewhat. Anyway, thanks again for the update. I guess its time for the second job.