Mediocre Scorpion

The problem with being a painter of my skill is that you find yourself at something of a middle point where you experience something of an impasse. I'm neither a beginner, nor a master... so I can paint up to an "acceptable" standard, but I have a hard time pushing myself further. It's not always a matter of motivation; I often just plain can't think beyond what I'm currently doing and I don't know how to bring what I'm doing up to a higher standard.

Striking Scorpions. I've painted enough of them by now. I sat down and counted; I've probably painted about 50 Striking Scorpions at this point. I'm familiar with the anatomy of them; their armor plates, their boots, their helmets, their faces... I know it well. And I find them uninspiring. I've seen plenty of good Scorpion paint jobs (like those belonging to my friend Ben), but have never felt particularly inspired for my own.

This is a look that does, actually, inspire me. The combination of blue and bone in my Iyanden army still rocks my world. I nuanced this fella with the usual Bleached Bone & ink combination... and the blue adds a brilliance to what might become an overall tone that's a bit too earthy.

He's not done, however; I think I could add more, develop more, evolve more.

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There will be lots of photos as he develops.


Quint'Aan said...

Drive by commenting: I think the blue part of the helmet would look really cool if you started a slightly darker blue at the front and blended back to a slightly light blue at the end. Might give the model the "ummph" you are looking for. Looks good regardless!

Natakue said...

I my self like the colors but think there needs to be more blending. like quint'aan said blend the helmet and try blending the pads..that may give you the look you want.

ionfish said...

The trick, I find, is to take more time on each model. Instead of two layers of highlighting, do five. Make sure the mistakes are fixed, not left just because they're minor. Cultivate perfection; it takes time to grow.

Baast said...

Hard to see, but the helmet actually is shaded and highlighted.