Set the Table for Dinner...

If you read this recent post about my goals (heh... "goalpost") then you'll know I am in need of a painted, functioning army in order to achieve at least some of them. I've decided that it's time to get my act together and make that happen.

What you'll see here...

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...is the "to do list", visually represented so that every model which is currently on my painting table is in need of completion (mostly painting, some modeling).

Here's a rundown of what you're looking at:

1. War Walkers. Riders need to be completed, control yokes need to be added, painting to be finished, basing needs to be finished. Less work than it sounds like, I think, but the War Walkers is where most of the work has to go. There's a Wood Elf banner I'm going to try to put on the back of one of them (just because I've decided I'm having too easy of a time transporting them).

2. Bitz tub. Clear flight bases, Scatter Lasers, some Marine bitz, some skulls... these are the little things that will need touching up and finishing. This is where you find the little details that make the models really work. Twin-linked Shuriken Catapults for the Wave Serpents are also in here.

3. Wave Serpents. Very little left to do. Mostly gems and little details like trim on the canopies. The Wave Serpent weapons have to be done, but that won't take long.

4. Heavy Weapon Support Crews. 5 of the standard models (you know the ones that always look like they're checking their watches?) and one that's sort of a glued-together amalgam of Guardians that I think will look cool. They're down to the metal, so I'll have to be primed and painted and so-on. This may actually be more work than the War Walkers now that I think of it...

5. Farseer. Not a tough job. I just have to make him look cool. That's still a work in progress.

6. Striking Scorpions. You've seen these before. Crap... these might be the most work...

7. Wraithguard an associated Warlocks. These guys are very close to being done. Mainly I just have to buff up the gems and finish the detail work on the bases. One Warlock will need a bit more work than the other, but we're mostly there.

8. Scatter Lasers. You've seen these before, too. Not primed or painted, but a quick job nonetheless.

9. D Cannons. Primed and base-coate with Snake Wash. Just gotta bring them up to the army colors. Shouldn't take long.

10. Wraithlords. These guys are dangerously close to done. Just gotta finish detailing and highlighting and that'll be it.

When deciding it was time to get on with finishing a decent painted army, I did what I needed to do in order to clear space both physical and mental: Bitz box 100% sorted and categorized, painting/modeling tools consolidated to one place, paints organized and contained... I even gave the surface of my painting area a once-over with the Skull White primer just to freshen it up.

I have two rather high-resolution (1280X960) photos below which show the right and left sides of my painting tray. I took these so you could really zoom in (assuming you have nothing better to do with your life tonight). This, to me, is like setting the table for dinner. Plates, cutlery, dishes, glasses, even the candles...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Shortly, I'll be getting down to the meal.

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