When I get bored late at night, I play around in Photoshop and then post what I make on Warseer

Warseer has a love/hate relationship with me. On the one hand, they seem to like that I write up long-winded summaries of all the Eldar rumors in order to save them the trouble of sifting through rumor threads which are at least dozens of pages long. I think they like that. On the other hand, I tend to post things which it seems like only I think are funny. You might remember from this post that I posted a fake Games Workshop catalogue entry about rocks which was met with some scorn and, ultimately, deleted. The mods at Warseer think that watching people lose their shit over a post about fake rocks. I suppose I can sort of understand their perspective.

Anyhow, tonight I started feeling like it was all too serious, and I did some messing around in Photoshop. When I was done, I posted this. I'm showing you a picture rather than linking directly to the thread because, let's face it, I think it's going to get deleted. If fake rocks aren't considered funny, Cow Walkers won't be considered much funnier.


Xadhoom said...

Bovines with Bright Lances. What's not to like?


ionfish said...

Running a forum can be pretty rough. People occasionally lose perspective and treat well-thought-out (if silly) threads the same way they do pointless spam ones. It's unfortunate, I agree.

Baast said...

I have absolutely nothing against the forum admins/mods at Warseer. They don't do things the way *I* would do things, but that doesn't mean what they're doing is wrong. They just don't usually like it when I post my Photoshop stuff. The thing with the rocks was good, though, even if I say so myself.

Rayne said...

I agree. *moo*
Tis a shame that the wittle kiddies can't take a good joke now and then. Even if it is more sophisticated than they are.

: D


Baast said...

I have no ill will for them. I just like making jokes. :)

robertsjf said...

I like rocks