After spending time at Games Day and seeing some of what Jes Goodwin sketched, I started thinking about the idea of Warpaint on Aspect Warriors. As I'm currently working on some Dark Reapers for my Iyanden army, I thought I'd give something a go. It's not finished, but this is what it's starting as... and I think I like it.


The Shine said...

I like the look alot, keep it up.
You're braver than me.

I know I've been hiding for a while. But I'm always keeping an eye out for the competition.


Tallarn42nd said...

Warpaint looks good...going to do the whole army this way?

Corlock Striker said...

Um, all I can say is, HOLY CRAP!!! That does indeed look awesome. Though I'm mostly in awe because you got such straight lines with a paintbrush, free hand. That is just something I can't do.

Rayne said...

Wow. Nice paint job. Suits your army now, which is also shaping up to be amazing. Would like to see what you're exarch will look like. (Conversion Missle Launcher???)


Baast said...

No missile launcher for the Reaper Exarch. If I hunt tanks with him then the other Reapers can't do anything to help. If I hunt MEqs with him then it's overkill. I'd rather save the points and invest in Fast Shot.

When he's ready, I'll be posting. Don't worry. :)