And Then There Was Marlon...

After I played Bill I played Marlon over at GW. It was 2000 points as well, except that Marlon only had about 1500 at best. As a Games Workshop employee he thought he could just grab store models off the display shelves and use those, but the two staff who were working at the time informed him differently. He wasn't pleased. So we tried a variation of the old style "Sustained Assault" mission. I think it used to be called Meat Grinder. Not sure. Anyhow, his Dark Angels got pasted so bad that he conceded in turn 4. He lost a Whirlwind, a full Tactical Squad, a Dreadnaught, a Razorback, a Rhino, two Land Speeders and assorted infantry. I had lost one Vyper. Maybe next time will be Marlon's day. Today wasn't.

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