Battle Reports: Tons O' Pics!

I've had several games in the last little while and many had great pictures to go with them. I've collected the results of five of my recent games and am posting all the pics here. I'll do this more often in the future (so I don't post as many all at once).

Opponent's name: Bill and Matt, ally's name is Benoit
Opponent's army: Bill: Chaos Undivided, Matt: Necrons, Benoit: Eldar
Location of the game: Games Workshop, St. Laurent Shopping Mall, Ottawa
Points: 2000 per player (4000 per side)
Mission: Secure and Control
Winner:: Eldar
Comments: Just yesterday I played this huge game with some friends. Benoit and I decided that the best thing to do would be to force the Necrons to phase out early (if the number of certain Necron units such as Warriors, Immortals and Destroyers drops below 75% of the original starting strength, the entire army vanishes). This was easier said than done; when Necrons get killed they have not one, but two chances to get back up again (making it 75% likely they will). What we hoped would take two turns did, in fact, take five. That was a grueling fight and we won... but it was a hard win. In fact, I am now somewhat suspicious of whether or not the Necrons are actually a fair, balanced army; no 2000 point army should be able to stay about 25% strength with 3000 - 4000 points of Eldar firing everything they've got at them.

Opponent's name: Mitch
Opponent's army: Khorne Berzerkers
Location of the game: Games Workshop, Bayshore Shopping Mall, Kanata
Points: 1500
Mission: Recon
Winner:: Eldar
Comments: Mitch is a great kid with a really neat army. Unfortunately because of the way the game played out, he had to trudge all his Khorne Berzerkers across the table - getting his ass shot off as he did - in an atetmpt to engage me in hand-to-hand, which almost never happened. In the end I left him with no more than a Predator tank and two Terminators. I'd play Mitch again... he was a very good, relaxed player.

Opponent's name: Marlon
Opponent's army: Dark Angels
Location of the game: Games Workshop, Bayshore Shopping Mall, Kanata
Points: 1750
Mission: Seek and Destroy
Winner:: Eldar
Comments: In Marlon's defense it needs to be said that he hasn't been playing for more than two or three months, so he has yet to really internalize the codex, the rules or the basic tactics, muchless what my army is capable of. That exception being considered, he really got waxed. It was a learning experience for him, though, so I don't consider it a loss for him as much as I consider it a trial game.

Opponent's name: Paul
Opponent's army: Tyranids
Location of the game: Paul's home in Ottawa
Points: 2000
Mission: Cleanse (Omega)
Winner:: Eldar
Comments: Paul invited me to his home, fed me dinner and treated me like a king. I repaid him by tearing his army to shreds. It was my first *real* game against Tyranids, so it was a bit of a learning experience for me. I sat back, avoided hand-to-hand as much as possible, and shot with everything I was worth. You'll notice that I used his Wraithlord in addition to my own, and he made a truly beautiful one. Very different from my approach, his was modeled not only from the Wraithlord parts, but also from a Heavy Support platform and, I think, a Fire Prism.

Opponent's name: Tristan
Opponent's army: "Emperor's Last Pick" (Vanilla Space Marines)
Location of the game: Games Workshop, Bayshore Shopping Mall, Kanata
Points: 1500
Mission: Seek and Destroy
Winner:: Emperor's Last Pick
Comments: Tristan is a very different story from most of the guys I play against. He's been at it for 15 years and he really knows what he's doing. He put together a quick army from a bunch of stuff he hadn't used or touched in years and completely waxed me with it. I did have some bad terrain in my deployment (no cover!) and some horrible dice rolls, but... I can't lie. He killed me fair and square and I deserved it.

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