WIP: The Eldar Champion, PT. I

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I got this idea about the Emperor's Champion that can be used in the the Black Templar chapter of Space Marines. He wanders around the battlefield and attacks a unit, but in doing so he can challenge a specific model to a fight and the two of them duke it out. If the Champion wins then that model is dead. This gives him the ability to pick out individual models that pester you and eliminate them. I love that special character concept because he does something that other special characters don't do (challenge specific models to duel). A lot of characters do what any normal infantry guy would do, just with "more", i.e. higher strength, more attacks, better armor save, etc. There was some limited ability in 3rd Ed 40k for the Banshee Exarch or the Swooping Hawks Exarch to do something similar, but not with the same degree of gusto.

I decided that in some ways the idea of an independant character that can attack a specific model for a duel of some sort seemed more like an Eldar concept than Space Marine. When I think Marine, I think armor, I think bolter, I think jump packs... I don't think in terms of a specially trained assassin. When I think Eldar, I think martial arts, I think unique swords (like the Banshee power sword or the Witchblade), I think about speed and finesse. I've decided to start work on an Eldar Champion.

The photo you see accompanying this post is the beginning of my work. I have taken some stuff from the Warhammer Fantasy range of models (specifically the Witch Elf and two Malus Darkblades) and have gotten them ready to be married together as a single model.

I also liked the idea of doing a female model; a character that was so indisputably feminine. I think the Eldar embody some of the more female aspects of the game (speed over brute strength, finesse over force) and I also like watching Jarheads bite the dust at the hands of a chick. You must suspect that I just want to do a half-naked woman, but that's not the case. I do enjoy painting and detailing flesh, but let me tell you... if it were just a matter of wanting to see some feminine wiles there are better ways to do it.

Green stuff, sanding, filing... the usual stuff has begun, but I felt like showing the starting point. I'll keep you updated.

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