The Eldar Champion

The Eldar Champion
(Her "name" is still pending)
Points: 150, WS: 6, BS: 0, S: 3(5), T: 3, W: 2, I: 7, A: 3, Ld: 9, Sv: 3+/4+(I)
Surprise Attack, Stealth, Crushing Blow, Fleet of Foot

Champion Blades
Her blades give her an extra attack (included in the above stat line) and add +1 to her total strength rating (not included in the above stat line). They function as power blades.

Always Independant
She cannot join a squad and always acts as an independent character.

She can challenge an enemy model in the same way that the Emperor's Champion can.

She can only be taken in games over 2000 points and only with the opponent's permission. She fills an HQ slot when she is chosen.

I'll write more fluff on her after I've tested her out on the table a bit. Isn't she lovely? :)


Bill said...

I'd drop her cost by 20 pts. And show Crushing blow and the +1 strength from the power blades in the profile like this: 3(5).

When you say her swords fuction like powerblades, you mean they ignore armour and act as two close combat weapons (as well as the +1 str)? Nothing else, right?


Baast said...

I'm going to leave the 150-point cost as an Offering Of Good Will to those players who allow her to enter the game. It's just something I want to do.

And yes, that's what I mean with the power blades. They ignore armor saves and boost her attacks up to 3.