Here is a batch of Warhammer pics I like. No rhyme or reason to them except: a) I took them all and b) They are all VERY high-res (1 MB apiece).

Wraithlord standing among Defender Guardians. This was the first batch of stuff I completed for my "new" Eldar army.
My first Eldar army. Heavy Biel Tan action: All Aspect Warriors in vehicles. In 3rd Ed this made me almost unbeatable (unless you played Tau). As you can see, several tanks aren't even finished, but each was so lovingly crafted that every time I look at this I get a little misty. You'll notice, in particular, how I was loath to put turrets on my Falcon/Wave serpent tanks. In my new army I removed them completely.
Rangers in a tower. Doesn't that look like a place where snipers would hang out?
Storm Guardians. Not the most complicated paint job I've ever done, but the beauty of the model combined with the rich red of their paint and the dark, shadowy photo makes this mass of Storm Guardians look pretty menacing and serious.
Christian's Necron Lord. I didn't do this model, obviously, but I included the photo because I thought that Christian's work on the conversion is stunning. Ok, so it's not the most mind-blowing paint job you'll ever see (though you will often see far, far worse), but the idea of combining the Tomb Spider with the Necron Lord is awesome, and his touches like the damaged metal and the loose tubing just make this look amazing. I wish I were that creative.
Wave Dragon playing Hide and Go Seek. I came up with a concept I called the "Wave Dragon". It's basically a Wave Serpent with flamers instead of heavy weapons (I'll go into more detail another time). I was playing a game against Dark Eldar and the Dragon was sneaking up from the back. Here it's just enjoying a bit of cover and almost looks as though it's just on a countryside joy ride.
Sentinel in the light. Bill's Lost and the Damned army had this Sentinel chasing my Guardians around a bit. I thought this picture of the walker coming through some Necromunda terrain while the light was hitting from behind was kind of nice.
Showdown. I lost this fight. The entire game came down to Matt's Necrons against my Farseer and a few stragglers in this alleyway. Great game. I sure got whacked.
Defender Guardians vs. Obliterator. This ugly bastard deep-stiked in right next to my unit while they were hiding out behind a building. If you know the game at all you'll know that the Obliterator can easily take out that many Guardians. Luckily I had a Star Cannon battery in the unit that pasted him, but not before he killed five or six of my men.
Pariah Hotel. I caught this pic of some Pariahs hiding out in a ruined building and it just kind of looked like a good pic.


Bill said...

W00t for the obliterator of the Black Storm!!!

Baast said...

He scares me. Quite seriously.