Upcoming Game / Battlefleet Gothic

First, about the upcoming game.

I'm teaming up with another Eldar player to play against a Chaos player who allies with a Necron player. It'll be 4000 points per side (2000 per player), Mission undetermined just yet. We play Saturday.

I'll show you an excerpt from a message I sent my fellow Eldar player:
I'm trying to put really, really serious power in the Heavy Support slot, high numbers of diverse troops in the Troop slot, hardcore assault troops in the Elite slot and kickass psykers in the HQ slot. Trying to stay balanced.

I want to make sure that we send a hailstorm of AP3 or better shots at them every turn. I want those Necrons and Chaos Marines to lay down in droves. I am far less worried about the vehicles than I am about the number of infantry, especially Necrons. Star Cannons will deal with both a simple Chaos Marine/Necron Warrior as well as Obliterators, Destroyers or Wraiths. Bright Lances can handle the rest.

I wanna keep it as simple as possible: Anti-infantry firepower in abundance, a smattering of anti-tank and a fast, mobile roster of decent assault units. Nothing fancy. Nothing too experimental. Keep everything long range whenever possible to avoid rapid fire and being charged.
I don't want to post my current list here, but I think my point is made from what I wrote above. Necrons scare me. I've positively showered them with Star Cannon fire and have had tons of Warriors just stand right back up again. Their Scarabs are a real nuisance and, of course, there's the Monolith. Believe it or not, my favorite way of dealing with the Monolith is bringing my Farseer right up to it and swatting it with a Witchblade.

Chaos doesn't scare me as much because, for the most part, it's like dealing with standard Space Marines (who didn't scare me till their new codex came out). What worries me about them is the occasional inclusion of Chaos-specific units such as Obliterators or Furies, who hit with a ferocity and can do some downright ugly stuff.

Ok, so yeah. I'm nervous. But I am not without resources of my own. I'll let you know how it goes and I'll post pics. It should be a very good looking game, if nothing else.

Next, Battlefleet Gothic. This is just about the most gorgeous thing I've ever laid eyes on, except maybe for this (but that's another story). It won't all happen at once because I don't like dropping huge wads of cash on a hobby (if I can't recoup them), but I will build a Craftworld Eldar fleet. This is the fleet I've been waiting to create. The look is awesome (I hate the look of the Eldar pirate vessels, but these are gorgeous) and I will be using my Black/Gold/White/Home-made Red color scheme. As they are painted you can bet there will be pics.

Rules for the Craftworld Eldar fleet can be found here. Apparently models wont be available till December, so I'm hanging on till then.

More updates soon.


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