WIP: Eldar Champion, pt III

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usA little progress has been made on the Eldar Champion I told you about, and I now have some stats for her. I posted this on Deep Space about how I intend to use her in-game:
Any stat or characteristic that isn't explicitly spelled out below can be assumed identical to the Emperor's Champion.

Points: 150, WS: 6, BS: 0, S: 3, T: 3, W: 2, I: 7, A: 2, Ld: 9, Sv: 2+/4(I)

Stayed the same as the Emperor's Champion: Number of wounds, number of attacks, attacks, leadership, save (4+(I) added to approximate the Iron Halo benefit the Emperor's Champion enjoys). Always independant. Can challenge enemies to "duel" with her.

Boosts over the Emperor's Champion stats and benefits: WS increased to 6, initiative increased to 7, can't be insta-killed. Surprise attack: When charging she gains +2 attacks instead of +1 (an option also offered to Warp Spider Exarchs and Phoenix Lord Karandras). Crushing Blow: All close combat attacks worked out at +1 strength (an option also offered to Striking Scorpion Exarchs and Phoenix Lord Karandras). Stealth: May infiltrate if the rules allow it. Fleet of Foot.

Nerfs: No BS whatsoever, T reduced to 3, S reduced to 3, point cost increased to 150. Her swords can only be used as two single-handed weapons, i.e. she does not get the Powerfist option that the Emperor's Champion gets, and her two swords give her +1 to Strength.
Two things I'm thinking about changing are, first, the "can't be insta-killed" thing because it might force her to pick her targets more carefully and up the stakes on every challenge, thus making the game more interesting. Second would be the Fleet of Foot thing, because no Eldar with an armor save of 2+ has that so it doesn't make logical sense that she would. Comments welcome.

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