WIP: The New Falcon

I decided that I need another couple tanks in my list.

I'm working now on a Falcon. I wanted to do something a little different and try to get outside the box a bit. See, a lot of people paint Falcons up so they look like military jets or tanks, complete with warning symbols, symmetrical trim and other sorts of accoutrements. I wanted to make the Falcon look a little less "Terran", and try to get it looking like it was created by an alien race. Now, I realize that we have no idea what that should look like, but even something a little out of the ordinary can have a very fresh, unique look.

(BTW, how empty would that paragraph have been without the word "look"?)

I primed the upper body of the Falcon black, did my gems and then decided to create one long stripe along the wing. To do this I started by putting cello tape down to define the line. You can see how that looked here:

After that I laid down a couple coats of Mithril Silver to provide a contrasting undercoat for the red that was to come. I wanted a really opaque and light-colored base because the red I use (a mixture of Blood Red, Scab Red and a bit of Brown Ink) isn't thick enough to cover black adequately.

Slap on some of that red I was just talking about, and there you go.

I've got more plans. I'll post as I move along.

p.s. Hi Bill. :)

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Bill said...

Looks good. Looks like it could have come out of my craftworld's bonesinger's office ;)