The Bag

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis is the bag that I keep my styrofoam scraps in. Now, I don't keep useless scraps in there; just decent ones. Irregular squares, but of a good size... lots of solid, undamaged chunks. I think that it'll really help me to do more terrain as the inclination hits. I think it's a good thing and I keep it close by when I undertake projects like the ones I've been doing this week.

That was all fine and well till a problem arose.

Yesterday I was putting my shoes on next to the bag when I saw something move. I glanced over quickly and there it was: One very huge spider peering out of the bag at me. I gasped a bit and my heart stopped, and then he did the worst possible thing he could do: He turned and dove into the bag without a trace.

Now there's a giant spider living in my foam bag. Being the way that I am about spiders, I am no longer able to plunge my hand in, looking for scraps... as I am afraid he will capture me and web me up and lay eggs in my face.

This sucks.

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Jay MG said...

Yes buy once the eggs hatch they become your friends! I have lost of friends!...