Controlled Chaos

It looks crappy right now, but don't let that scare you. The ink looks awful at first, but there's a method; slather some of that watered-down ink onto the Bleached Bone surface. Then, after it's had two minutes or so, slosh some clear water over it and, while it's still wet, add more of the ink solution. What you wanna do is let the browny haze of the ink to tinge the Bone without drying too hard and making too many "water marks". A few are okay, as they appear like veins on the Bone surface, but you don't want the eye to see where the ink has beaded on the model. You have to really ride the inking process; you can't just put it on and then not pay attention. Even then, it's really a dice throw. The ink does what it wants, and you just hope that it wants to make a pretty spaceship on the day you're using it.

Don't forget; the ink has got to be seriously watered down. If you look at the photos you can see that, even when slathered on in full force, the ink solution still doesn't saturate too quickly. It's very faint. Yet, even though there's hardly any ink in there, it can still easily ruin your paint job. It doesn't take much.


Jay MG said...

Sounds like this process can't be very good for your heart!

I've never really heard of this technique before, but it definitely makes sence. I look forward to seeing it done, especialy now that I know the awful process you need to go through to make it look pretty!

Johanna said...

It is looking good Corey, and I too can't wait to see the finished project.