Shrine Assembly Line

I know this is kinda nuts and all, but I have less than a week to finish everything I need to do if I want to be ready for the big game on Saturday. So here's a little progress report on what I'm doing...

The first thing is that I do a lot of washes with watered down Snakebite Leather, so I finally decided to just mix up a batch and put it in an empty pot. I've gone through half of the mixed up batch already, but I like having a pot around with this written on it:

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The Dire Avenger shrine is slowly under way. You'll see that I've done some drybrushing and inking on the two dragons, which will be arranged as guardians for the shrine (not "Guardians", but guardians, dig?), and I've also stolen the mirror bird-bath thing from the Lord Of The Rings Galadriel set. I used a CD (actually not a "CD", but a clear plastic protective CD-shaped thing which is used in spindels of blank media) and a large model base (sanded down to make it smoother, like the CD thingie it's glued to) to create a raised area (which will sit upon a foam foundation), and carved some runes into them with my dremel. I primed it white and then used Snake Wash on it. I was going to follow with some Bleached Bone, but damn... doesn't the Snake Wash make that thing look good? Man, I really love that. I'm probably going to leave it as-is (though I may add some gems). It just goes to show that Snakebite Leather (along with Bleached Bone) is one of the most interesting paints that GW makes. It's completely inconsistent, but in the most interesting possible way. I will likely accent the ruddy brown and the bone with some painted red runes and, of course, the weathering drybrush technique I used on the Reaper shrine (which is sort of the hallmark of the whole table, as you can see in my sample pieces).

I'm going to work on some more ideas for this and develop it a bit. I want to try to get some gates built that look like the ones in the Iyanden Shrine of Asur rune. Those are a typical Chinese-style of gate and, seeing as I am going to try to get some sort of flame into the bird-bath thing, I might as well go for broke trying to make it look like the real thing.

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Ferdinand is finally getting his day as I begin work on the Scorpion shrine. It's going to be built out of blocks. I was thinking I could make them out of pieces with the blocks drawn on, but I want to make them really look weathered and worn. I'm going to try to add something that looks like tiki torches. We'll have to see; it requires some bitz that I don't have just yet.

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One thing I do intend to do (if I can) is put statues of the various Phoenix Lords in each shrine (Maugen Ra is in there, but I'll be doing something with Asurmen, Fuegan, and Karandras which will be similar).

Between the Scorpion, Reaper and Dire Avenger shrines, the Wraithgate, and the bunch of Soul Shrines and their pedestals, we should have a good collection of stuff on the table. The only thing I don't quite know what I'm going to do with now is the Fire Dragon temple, but I have some ideas...

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