A Conversation on AIM With My Friend Peter, Who Is Not a Warhammer Player

Corey: I'm going whole hog on Warhammer stuff right now
Corey: I have a big, big game on Saturday
Peter: given up the will to live, huh?
Corey: And then after that I plan to go into at least semi-retirement.
Peter: you're going to be like michael jordan
Peter: retiring from basketball only to take up baseball
Peter: then discovering he sucks at baseball, and going back to basketball
Peter: you'll spend a year playing D&D or some even more gay-ass shit than warhammer
Corey: I'm hoping to retire from Warhammer and go to sex. Here's hoping I don't fail at that and have to go back to Warhammer.
Corey: Because I wouldn't. I'd just go to suicide.
Peter: that's fair

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