Reflections On The Beginning Of A New Era

As the LA Games Day information is corroborated left, right and center, it seems that the dawn of a new era for Eldar is upon us. Before long we will be looking at pre-release photos of awesome models, some preview info about the upcoming codex and a variety of goodies associated with the emergence of a rejuvenated Eldar. Soon, the 3rd ed Eldar, hastily designed and full of flaws, will become a thing of the past. A new 4th ed Eldar, polished, balanced, and new will step forward to take its place.

There were those who, understandably, had their doubts about the veracity of rumors which claimed that the Eldar were going to be the ones to get the next major codex update. After some thought and reflection, I've composed a message specifically for them.

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