He *IS* the Brute Squad

The Forgeworld Eldar Avatar. My second piece of Forgeworld resin*.

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Observations so far:
- The detail on this thing is NUCKING FUTS. Observe, the arm and bracer: The picture doesn't do it justice, but the runes on the bracer are settled on top of a subtly textured arm. It's really nice. There's a lot of light flash to remove, but that's so little work it's not even worth mentoning.
- The huge blob of hair isn't mounted on a pinhead's worth of metal like the GW Avatar. Instead it rests on the extended thingie that comes off the head AND on the "fins" on the sides of his helmet. Those of you who nearly got an ulcer from trying to get the hair to stay on the GW model will be glad to see how this one works.
- It is NOT very posable. The joints are molded in such a way as to allow one pose and very little variation thereof. Naturally, anyone can convert any way they want, but I for one do not have the guts to mess with the detail on this thing by trying to change the angle of the elbows or waist.
- Even as a guy who has had a few Forgeworld pieces in his hands over the years, I am amazed at how soft the resin is. I can bend the sword back and forth with minimal effort (though part of my soul dies of terror every single time I do). It reminds me of the plastic that they used to make the little green soldiers out of... just with a bit more resilience.
- The cost-to-product ratio is not worth it. If you buy one of these, do it for love... not for the desire to get a good deal. It's a puny handful of 7 resin chunks and a base. Good for "treating yourself" if you're not a regular resin junkie, but not priced in such a way as to make it a must-have item.
- The paintjob is what's going to make this model work. The details and sculpt and all that is truly great, but it's not one of those models that stands on its own before the first drop of paint is applied. What will make the Avatar great will be the completed article. This, my friends, is not my idea of a paint job that makes the model great. Reminds me too much of this guy.
- I'm leaning toward a flaming, molten body, a glossy, bloody hand and making the Wailing Doom the one metallic item in my entire army: Gleaming gold, I was thinking... as gold goes with red. Ask any woman with red shoes and a gold handbag.
- I'm going to hand-prime it in order to avoid killing ANY of the detail.

* I sold that Phoenix Flyer

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AbuShaitahn said...

Lucky your earring turned out ok. I had to cut mine off it was badly cast. Wasn't worth waiting for FW to send me another one though...

Look forward to seeing itpainted!