The Pepsi Challenge

I added more water effects to the two ponds. I also added a sprinkling of green flock to see if it looks nice when the time comes.
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Here are the current standings:
Games Workshop Water Effects:
Clarity: Very cloudy
Speed of drying: Extremely slow
Bubbles: A few little ones that work themselves out
Shrinkage: Minimal
Ease of use: Due to the small hole through which it's squeezed and it's low viscosity (compared to Woodland Scenics), pretty darn good.

Woodland Scenics Water Effects:
Clarity: A little cloudy
Speed of drying: Slow
Bubbles: A couple big ones that had to be dug out with a toothpick and a permanent mark will be visible once it's dry
Shrinkage: Enough to reduce the "dome-like" surface
Ease of use: The open bottle top (as opposed to a hole to squeeze it through) makes it too easy to accidentally pour more out than you intend to. Also, it's much more viscous than the Games Workshop product, so it's harder to do pin-point drops to fill tiny holes without getting a "rope" of resin coming out.

Winner so far:
If the challenge was over now, it'd be Woodland Scenics for clarity, cost, and shrinkage (which, as I said, is a good thing). It is still way too early to tell which is the better product, so stay tuned.

This is going to take several days to resolve, but I'll keep you all posted.

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