Welp. I screwed THAT up.

I don't wanna hear any smart talk out of you people (especially you, John... you bastard).

The thing about reading the directions, whether it be for Water Effects or a home stereo or nitro glycerine, is that someone usually writes them for a reason. Take, for example, the instruction on both bottles of Water Effects which clearly say that you should layer the water in 1/8" increments. I just sorta said "screw that" and piledrove my way into it. Patience is a virtue... it's just not my virtue.

So the result (predictably) is that there are bubbles everywhere. The Games Workshop product has lots of little ones:
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...and the Woodland Scenics' has a few giant ones.
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Both of the ponds have a hard-enough surface that popping them is difficult and also leaves a permanent mark (or it would if I didn't fill it with more product after).

Interestingly, the Woodland Scenics product is coming into the lead again. It's easier to do on-the-fly repair work with it (like popping a giant bubble and then refilling the hole with more resin), whereas the GW product tends to tug and ripple when you mess with it in a way that is hard to compensate for.

The battle's not over yet, though.

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Jay MG said...

Hey Cory,

Despite the fact that I work for GW my favorite water effect is to use Envirotek's 'Pour On'. You can get it at Michales, and like every other water effect it's a bit pricey.

It's an epoxy mixture, and when you mix it do it way longer than you think is necessary. When you think it's done go for annother minute. Also it doesn't hurt to throw in a little bit more hardner than glue.

It will get extremely bubbly.

Pour it in (and with this one you can pour much thicker layers like as deep as a warhammer base).

Once it settles (a minute or two later) you need to get rid of the bubbles. Exhale (don't blow...which is always good advice) on the surface of the water. Your breath will make all the bubble vanish - and it's pretty cool to see actually.

Give the mixture a day to dry and voila!

Hope this helps man! Take her easy!