Right up the middle

Eldrad Ulthran (one of the few names I've heard with four consonants in a row). Still have arms and that big antenna thingie on his head to finish off. Oh, and the cloak and feet... but his middle is comin' along:
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I don't know what it is about the Eldrad model, but it's one of my favorites of all time. Funny, too, because I usually don't like the older 2nd ed models. I think the pose (I assume sculpted by the amazing Jes Goodwin) is what strikes me most; balanced and symmetrical and yet authoritative and powerful. Tons of gorgeous little details, too.

I deviated from my original plan which was to do the entire model with only Shadow Grey, Bleached Bone and Yellow Ink (black and white don't count towards the total, btw). I just couldn't come up with a way to do Eldrad's hip pouches with those colors, so I broke down and mixed up some Scorched Brown, Tanned Leather (from Reaper Mini) and Brown Ink. The gems, btw, are Hawk Turquoise (the color I think makes for the loveliest gems). Ok, once I got that far I just went hog wild and used some Blue Ink around the chest "thing" Eldrad wears and a bit of Orange Ink on the eyes and stripe up the back of his helmet. So much for only three colors. As I said, the arms and weapons aren't done yet, but I imagine it'll continue to primarily be Shadow Grey and Bleached Bone mixes except for where I feel tempted to cheat and use something else.

The Staff of Ulthamar is gonna be the really interesting thing. I won't make it a Froot-Loop-like rainbow of colors on the staff but, instead, will likely build up various blues and greys with some yellow for accent. The thing that's really a challenge for me is the weird tassle thing down by his right foot. Zero idea what I'm gonna do with that.

In other news, my camera makes models look like crap. Seriously. It doesn't look ANYWHERE this rough in person. I swear. Sheesh.

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