I hate Jim Carrey. You see, in his role as Count Olaf in Lemony Snicket's Series Of Unfortunate Events, he plays a scene where he impersonates a Newfie-style fisherman named Julio Sham. In this scene he attempts to take custody of three orphans and, in announcing himself, says (in thick accent) "I'm yor new goooooordian".

Christ I hate that I've seen that movie. Now, every time I deploy a Defender or Storm Guardian on the table, I can hear his stupid voice saying "Now I'm deploying my goooooooourdians". Sometimes I even say it out loud, just like that.


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I'm wrapping up 12 Guardians for a Guardian-based concept list I'm working on. I don't want to spill the beans at the moment, but I think it'll be very effective against certain armies. I'm excited about it.

These Guardians aren't finished, but they're close, and I decided it was time to mark the progress. As you can see, they use some heads and cloaks from the Wood Elf line, as well as some torsos nicked from Shining Spears. This is how I did it mainly because I was trying to slap together enough Guardians, but didn't have the bitz. I don't mind that this is how it's worked out, however; I like to see variety in the rank and file. I've done too many Guardian units where each one is identical to the last. This is better. You can obviously see they're all together as a unit, but they're not just cookie-cutter models and paint jobs.

Naturally there will be more photos when they're done.

God, I hate Jim Carrey.

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Panhead said...

Talking to ones self is the first sign of insanity. =P

On the plus side, the guardians look great! What do you have left to finish? (bar new eldar releases of course)