While we're on the subject of "Goals"...

Check out this post I made about my goals for Warhammer 40k. How am I doing? Let's look at the "to do" items and see what's still left.

- Top the challenge board at Deep Space
Update: I'm close. One tier down from the top. It'll be a fair amount of playing to get that top position and stay there (at absolute minimum I have to win 4 games in a row to do it, and I don't know if that'll happen).

- Play at this year's Conflict event
Update: I skipped it. It was on the same weekend I was with my kids.

- Finish my Iyanden army
Update: Not quite there yet. I can field a comfortable 1250, a lean 1500-1700... but nothing more, really. I'd like to get a few more key things into the army (like that Phoenix flyer) and finish all the painting. I'm not goin gto aim for something nutty like 4000 points, but a nice comfortable 2000 would be nice.

- Finish an Ulthwe Strike Force army under the new codex rules
Update: Haven't even started yet. That won't come into being until at least October/November.

- Do well in this year's Deep Space Campaign: The War for Forge Primus
Update: It's done in just over a week or two... and I'm doing well, I think. I'll be pushing to finish on a high note.

- Do well in this year's GW Campaign (The Fall of Medusa V)
Update: I'm gonna skip it. I'm not that interested in it and I don't want to constantly be feeling a pressure to play more... especially when I'm just a drop in the bucket.

- To finish a cityfight addition for my Eldar table.
Update: Got concept drawings. I'll be doing some more on that, probably when the Forge Primus campaign is over.


Rayne said...

Heh. This looks like you've taken a good amount of time to plan your goals. Speaking of it, mind posting your Eldar City pictures on your blog eventually?

: D

Baast said...

Will do.