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In the end, the demon will fall as it is meant to, and this will fulfill your task on Hera. This will not be the end of your mission, however, as the unraveling of time will pose important questions and possibilities for the Eldar, as well as profound dangers. Mysterious and complex will be intertwining veins of fate, and your purpose will be difficult to understand at this early juncture. Even those who you protect will be unsure as to whether you are friend or foe, so be wary of them even as you are close to them.

You will travel with the humans and their Tau companion to the Imperial planet of Ganymede, but do not arrive with them. Descend upon the spoiled planet alone and rejoin them on the surface. You will see, then, that the fingers of the corrupted have coiled around this place and will not be easily displaced. When the humans arrive, you must be as a shadow to them, protecting and watchful, for their survival is imperative. If left to their own devices, they will be easily overtaken by the twisted minions of the Ruined One, and it falls upon you to ensure this does not happen.

Alert them early to your presence and, while you must not join with them, you must be their shield and concerned only with protecting them, not yourself. Even if the odds against you are grave, you must always choose the path which best ensures the survival of the traders. You will not be defeated, though you be overpowered and close to your death; the fortune of Eldanesh will surround you and thwart all foes who contend with you.

The Human and Tau traders do not fully understand the power of their enemies and will be caught unaware of their presence. They will foolishly attempt to engage the enemies, but will not be their match. You must strike first in order to keep the Spoiled Ones on the the defense rather than allowing the opportunity for them to formulate a proper assault. If the forces of Chaos gain the upper hand in your struggles, all will be lost. Strike when you see the opportunity to do so, and employ your many talents to gain the greatest advantage possible, for this first attack will set the tone for the rest of the battle.

There will be several mis-steps in the traders' efforts to neutralize the heavy hand of evil, and you must be fast to restore balance in the inevitable conflict. Be swift to support them, be first to engage and, when it appears that a victory is imminent, do not tarry to withdraw and travel with all speed to where you are most needed.

As the first few minutes of conflict pass, the enemy will gain strength rather than surrender it. Eventually, you will be completely overtaken, but do not despair; we have seen it unfold thusly and you are not intended to scour the theater of battle. Merely fight back the tide of Chaos and remember that victory is only achieved by ensuring the survival of the traders who find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and ill-equipped to meet the advance of the hardened foe.

Use your many tools to gain advantage against the enemy wherever possible; slow them, blind them, surprise them... all of the touchstones of Eldar superiority in combat. If pressed by many foes at once, call upon the psychic powers of your people and prey upon their weak, vulnerable minds. Numerous and formidable as they may be, the minions of Chaos are playthings to the keen edge of the Eldar mind, and so it is your mind that you must use above all else to discharge your responsibilities.

In the end, it will be the Tau emissary, not the humans, who will open a door through which you must pass. Once he has done so, your time has been spent and you must not delay. Though the humans you have been charged to protect may lay about you, wounded and helpless as the enemy encroaches upon them, you must not hesitate to pass through that portal. Fear not, for fate and fortune will ensure the safety and escape of those you leave behind.

Through these means you shall achieve victory and attain your goal. Those you fight alongside will neither understand nor appreciate the importance of your place among them, for they are even unaware of their own roles in the stage of time. Do not measure victory by their standards. Rather, be true to the admonition of the Seers among your people. Time is of the essence, and only you protect its integrity. If you fail, all shall fail.

Baastan clung to the side of the Human Trader shuttle as it approached Ganymede. Clad only in a thin Eldar flight suit (created for deep space environs) and clinging like a lithe spider to the hull of their ship, he had traveled with them for many hours without their knowledge. During the long interval of space flight, he meditated upon the words of the Baast Farseers as they rang in his ears on the day they assigned him this task. Long had it been since he was among his people, and longer still would it be until he rejoined them; the myriad duties set out before him were incalculably vital to stemming the tide of a Chaotic horror so great that no living Human had ever seen its like.

There were still many Eldar alive, however, who could remember much, much worse in the universe.

The Trader Shuttle descended over Ganymede and made a low pass over the capital city. All was obviously not as it should be; buildings burned, streets were empty and the dull psychic symphony of despoiled souls burned in Baastan's mind as bile burns the throat. It was as he had been told it would be. Ganymede had already fallen.

He released himself from the hull of the shuttle before it made its final approach to the landing pad. Though falling from a great height and at high speed, he steadied himself and landed, cat-like, on the half-destroyed roof of a building which was still wreathed in flames. From there he surveyed the floor of the city; motionless but for the thickly armored Marines patrolling slowly and methodically, their hearts filled with hatred and lies and a desire to spread the influence of the ruined, the corrupted, the spoiled.

From his elevated position he watched the Trader shuttle land and, after a few moments, the passengers disembarking.

"Now it begins," he whispered to himself as he began his descent down the side of the building to the street below.

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