The Last Hours of Shas'el Kai'las

"I have followed the myriad potential futures of the Tau with great interest."

Craftworld Baast did not seek to engage the Tau in combat. Though coming from the learned of another Craftworld, the words of Eldrad Ulthran are not cast aside lightly by any Eldar. Baast has never wanted to clash with the Tau; those burgeoning thinkers who revere knowledge over conquest, who remain untainted by the dark forces of the universe. Though the Eldar of Baast (as all Eldar) remain aloof and unconcerned with fates of races which do not affect their own, they mind the words of Seer Ulthran with great deference. To violate the mystical and inexplicable link between the Eldar and Tau, perhaps as grandparent and infant, would seem more to rob Baast of its honor as Eldar. It is not out of kindness that the Craftworld seek to avoid war against the Tau, but rather that even the very young Eldar are ancient enough to remember the cost of disrespecting mystical things.

"Though barely even striplings compared to us, I feel a strange protectivness towards them."

It was not the Eldar who aggressed first in the combat upon Forgeworld Primus. The Blinding Lance Hunter Cadre struck with formidable power and speed on the face of the beleaguered planet, and the Eldar paid greatly for being slow to respond. The ranks of Tau under Shas'o Jet'os Vral're struck surgically and without warning, leaving many of the Craftworld's Wraith constructs dead in the twisted wreckage of their transports, and their mechanized scouts slaughtered without mercy.

On this day, however, Craftworld Baast was not slow to respond. On this day, the Eldar were keenly ready to be swift in correcting the errant direction of the Blinding Lance. On this day, the Eldar were not willing to stay their hand.

The onslaught of Tau came, complete with its furious firepower and unrelenting marksmanship. Eldar casualties were taken and many Aspect Warriors, precious to Craftworld Baast, lost their lives on the surface of Forge Primus. Despite the obvious display of the Tau's might, the Eldar were not cowed in the theater of War. Among them were Dealers of Death; Dark Reapers whose cold, merciless assault tore through the ranks of Blinding Lance Cadre like wildfire. Great, towering Wraithlords who showed no fear or hesitation hunted the Tau Battlesuits without pause, and one after another they fell to the ground. Eldar tanks wove between the trees and ruins to spew hails of laser into the fragile Kroot. The tide turned against the ranks of Shas'el Kai'las early in the battle and, though Baast suffered its own losses, many Tau lay fallen or fled the battlefield altogether.

"In time I belive they will exceed even our greatest feats and master the darkness within their souls"

Before the sun of Forgeworld Primus set that day, the Eldar of Craftworld Baast delivered one final message to the Blinding Lance Cadre, intended as both chastisement and warning: Shas'el Kai'las was slain by the swift blades of Striking Scorpions without even an opportunity to strike back or defend herself.

Do not raise your hand to us again, young Tau. We honor Eldrad Ulthran's intention, but will not let our people become your playthings.

We pray this should be our last battle.

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