A picture surfaced today from the Russian (???) Games Day: The Plastic Wraithlord has finally been revealed in all his splendor.

Let's ignore the stunning new Scorpion Exarch on his right and the two thingies to his left. Let's talk about the Wraithlord.

Here's what I like:
- He's plastic. I love that.
- His joints are ball-socket. The main complaint I have about the current Wraithlord is that he's very, very difficult to pose in anything except the most boring manner. This new guy? He'll look amazing.
- A variety of weapons and armaments.
- Nice looking base.
- He's lost that "Ant Man" look
- He kept the blank faceplate. That was a big thing for me, as I think the blank face goes far to give him the "dead" look that the model needs (it is a Ghost Warrior, after all)

Here's what I don't like:
- The fists look a little clunky

I am in love with this guy. Expect to see many of them posted here when the time comes.

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