Anyone Wanna Buy A Fire Dragon Army: Cheap?

The dwindling fingers of Deimhinn Sinn must stretch forth now to reach the remote and violent places of the universe. The heretic, the fallen, the barbarian and the devourer await our arrival with outstretched arms and gleaming knives expecting, in their ignorance, that the fewness of our numbers will spell certain doom for us.

What they cannot forsee is the burning knife of the Eldar falling upon them with fury. As the sun sets and the machines of Khaine are lowered to the humble ground, we will sink the blades into their hearts and burn their souls while they still lie within them. On this day the tide of Deimhinn Sinn rolls over the enemy as the learned among us have foreseen.

Their screams shall be remembered through all the ages of history. Alas, their names shall not.

What a load of crap that turned out to be.

I went to the Hall of Heroes tournament at the St. Laurent Games Workshop store, and I had a lovely time... but I cannot boast the proud list of ferocious wins that I did the last time I went. I did take my list of all Fire Dragons (using the Biel Tan rules) and here's what I came up with:
Farseer with Witchblade, Pistol, Runes of Witnessing, Ghost Helm and Fortune.

8 Fire Dragons & Exarch w/Burning Fist
Wave Serpent w/Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon & Spirit Stone

8 Fire Dragons & Exarch w/Burning Fist
Wave Serpent w/Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon & Spirit Stone

9 Fire Dragons & Exarch w/Burning Fist

If you look at the photos below, you'll notice I also debuted a new Wave Serpent. I may take a couple minutes to write that up in a separate post soon.

The Hall of Heroes requirements also demanded a short bit of "fluff" on the army in question, which I have listed at the top of this post. As usual, I had it bound in a transparent folder with an Eldar rune on the front. Very striking, if you ask me. Unfortunately, I didn't quite have the game record to back it up. Observe...

Adam Brown, the GW Red Shirt who was running the campaign decided it'd be funny if he began the day by pitting me against my old buddy, Benoit (aka Zphindar), who is a dyed-in-the-wool Eldar player like me. It was kind of fun to play against him (you might remember that I played against his Iyanden a few weeks ago). He was playing Biel Tan and, well... we shook hands and deployed on a really cool table (huge ravine and bridge over it). It was a game of Secure and Control and... first thing off the bat he corked one of my two Wave Serpents. Just like that. Popped out a gaggle of Fire Dragons and, well... I just never really bounced back.

First game: Slaughter Victory for Benoit.

Then came Jay and his army of Gaunt's Ghosts in a game of Seek and Destroy. I don't know a lot about Imperial Guard, mainly because there are a lot of rules, and sub-rules, and rules within rules, etc. One Guard army isn't like the other, and I've only played one other one anyhow. It started off with some bad dice rolls, a stumble or two, some bad luck, some inattention, a few bad moves and the next thing you know he's cleaning my army off the bottom of his shoe like it's a cowpie. He was very gracious, friendly, helpful and even let me slide on a couple of close-calls that could have gone either way. It didn't avail me a victory though. He beat me like a rented mule. What was funny was how he didn't bother looking at my little folder and reading the fluff therein until after he'd kicked my ass, and at that point things like "What they cannot forsee is the burning knife of the Eldar falling upon them with fury" didn't really create the kind of fear response I was hoping for.

Second game: Slaughter victory for Jay.

After lunch was another nice fellow. I can't remember his name, but he played Space Wolves. Now this... this is what Fire Dragons are all about. Simply put, he started with a unit of Long Fangs, a big unit of Blood Claws, a unit of whatever wolfy troop choice that army has, and two HQ. The Fire Dragons did what they do and hosed down tons of marines, one after the other. In the end, all he had on the table was an immobilized Dreadnought. It was a game of Cleanse, but... with nothing but a busted Dread on the table, you can't go claiming much.

Third game: Slaughter victory for me.

Finally came David. This was an interesting, if not somewhat existential game for me because David had actually borrowed my Eldar army to play at the tournament. When iw as matched up with him I, hence, ended up playing against my own models. Truth be told, it resulted in a somewhat boring match, as I play Eldar, had already played against Eldar on that day and then was playing against my own army. David was a good sport, though, and played thoughtfully and cleverly enough that I didn't tear him to shreds, but I did eke out a minor victory in this Recon game... and that brought the day to an end.

There were a lot of armies and opponents at the Hall of Heroes tournament that I would have liked to have played against, but there's always next time. Here's a very short collection of snaps from the action on other tables at this tournament.

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