My Brother & The Tau

I told my brother on Instant Messenger that I was thinking about starting a Tau army (which I am). Now, he's a guy with a degree in art, so he knows a fair amount about what's what where painting is concerned. I spoke to him specifically because I wanted his view on what color to paint the Tau. You see, I don't like the sandy brown that most Tau are shown as, and I don't like camo or khaki (how, exactly, do Tau - a race which lives several zillion light years away from Earth - come up with a camo scheme which perfectly matches the same camo scheme used by the American military? The mind boggles). I told him I wanted clean colors, crisp and somehow indicative of the fact that the Tau are the "Good Guys" (so to speak). I didn't want red, as my Eldar have me all "redded out". I didn't want shiny metallics and I didn't want garish hues.

My brother is a man of few words. He was quiet for a few minutes. Then, without any comments, he linked me to this.

I looked once. I looked twice. I looked yet another time.

Good God, he's right.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have now seen the color scheme I plan to use for my Tau.


Bill said...

That's an awesome idea. Love it.

Matthew said...

Wow I figured the Tau had more taste than to drive the honda element.......

Jay MG said...

I think that in the Tau book they have a similar colour scheme, sort of an urban camo. Blue, Grey and White I think.

You've got the right idea though, I love those colours for Tau.