Currently In Progress

At the moment, these are the projects I'm working on:

The Battle Of Macragge
- Marines and their doo-dads (like the cannister thingie)
- Basing all the infantry nicely
- Marine scenery (the Tyranid scenery is done)

Battlefleet Gothic
Four Shadowrunners, one Wraithship and Yrie's Flagship all base-coated with white. Man, that was an interesting experience. They look super crisp, though. I'll have to finish painting them and then add the other stuff which makes it a complete fleet.

Dark Eldar
Roughly 30 Warriors that need finishing (most are base-coated), five Jetbikes, three Raiders and an HQ (Lilith Hesperax). I have some ideas for Incubi as well, which will probably have to make an appearance at some point.

About 40 Fire Dragons that need to be properly painted (base-coated in red, but not much more). Swooping Hawks that need to be properly mounted and have their paint jobs finished. Some Grav Platforms that need work. Overall touchup of scratches and chips. Several Heavy Weapons that need finishing (magnets installed and painted properly). Then there's the Scorpion, which needs a whole lot more paintin'.

Coming soon, a whole Tau army that will need attention.

No wonder I always feel like I'm not getting ahead with my Warhammer stuff. Sheesh.

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