That Line In The Sand

I'm looking at my life right now and seeing that I have this awesome tournament to go to on Saturday, which will result in a crapload of 40k playing in one day. I also see that, between then and now, I have a crapload of painting to do. I am also working on somehow trying to score another Wave Serpent (so let's hope I can find a way to do that for free). Looking at my life for the last few weeks, I've been putting a huge amount of time and effort into Warhammer... painting and modeling and playing. Check out this blog and you can see it; sometimes even several entries in a single day.

I've decided that, after this tournament, I'm going to stop with Warhammer for a while. I'm not talking about a major, life-changing decision to turn my back on the hobby or anything; I'm just saying that I'll pack up my models and paints in some boxes and put them in the closet under the stairs for a while. When the urge to go back to it takes me over and if things are going decently enough in my day-to-day life, they'll come back out. Might be a few days. Might be a week. Might be a couple months. No idea. Not worried about it, either.

I have a lovely girlfriend who I want to devote a bit more time to. Speaking of people who deserve a bit more time devoted to them, my beautiful kids deserve that as well. In addition, I also have a full time job. When all of that is said and done, I think I might want to spend the little remaining "me" time on some things which haven't gotten the attention they deserve for a while.

Not quitting or anything like that. Just slowing down for a while after Saturday. Until Saturday, however, watch me kick a whole lot of 40k ass.

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Jay MG said...

I'm all for it. I always go through phases, for instance I haven't painted in like a month, I've just been distracted with other stuff like family, work, and I'm finaly back into a research kick for my new store (which I hadn't worked on in like four months).

I think that without breaks to do other stuff one of two things will happen: either you get burnt out on you hobby (which would suck), or you become one of those hobby-geeks that only have one thing they do in their spare time (which is equaly bad).

See you back in a week, a month or whenever you stop resisting the urge to talk eldar (you know that part of your brain has developed in strength so it won't be long. That part of your brain might even be in charge - "All hail President Warhammer Thoughts!".

By the way Corey this is your fault - I never thought I'd become a blogger (I really do hate that word).