Oh Creative Army List Notion: We Hardly Knew Ye

The Gatineau HOH tourney won't allow Harlequins. So that's the end of that.

I'm currently considering making up the points that the Shadowseer-sized hole leaves in my army list with another Vyper and another Warlock. The list now stands like this:
* Farseer: Witchblade, Fortune, Runes of Witnessing, Ghosthelm, Guide, Mind War, Spirit Stones, Jetbike
3 X Warlock Bodyguard: Witchblade, Destructor, Jetbike
* Farseer: Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Fortune
(The Farseer goes in the Falcon with the Banshees)
* 3X Vyper Squadron: Shuriken Cannon Upgrade, Star Cannon, Spirit Stone, Holo-Field
* 4 Howling Banshees
Exarch: Executioner
(The Banshees go in the Falcon with the Farseer)
* 8 Striking Scorpions: Plasma & Haywire Grenades
Exarch: Scorpion's Claw
Wave Serpent: Shuriken Cannon Upgrade, Linked Bright Lances, Spirit Stone
* Falcon Grav-Tank: Shuriken Cannon Upgrade, Star Cannon, Pulse Laser, Holo-Field, Spirit Stone
Models in Army: 24
Total Army Cost: 1498
Four Jetbikes, three Vypers, two tanks. Yawn. How boring.

If anyone can give me an idea of what to do with about 200 points (replacing one Vyper and one Warlock), I'd like to hear it. Don't get me wrong; I want to play a really hardass list, but I want it to have some flavor. I don't want to just show up with yet another Biel Tan mallet with which to pound everything. I want to pound everything with style. Remember the basic theme of the list, though; mounted and fast-moving. I'd also rather not add another tank if I can avoid it, as sometimes Biel Tan becomes a little too much of a Grav Tank Rodeo; if I'm going to be mounted, I want the points spread nicely among a variety of vehicles.

Hit that comment button and give me some ideas, would ya?

BTW, yes... I will finish that Shadowseer... someday.


Bill said...

Flavourful recommendation? Suped Up Fire Prism. :)

Baast said...

That. Is. Perfect.

Bill, you're amazing. It's like one word out of you about my army list and suddenly my perspective totally changes. You should charge a consultation fee for this shit.